Sparo Democratized Philanthropy Balloting Official Rules


Sparo’s Vote4Good is designed to assist non-profits with revenue generation. Vote4Good is a trademark of Sparo Corporation and is not a lottery, sweepstakes, raffle, or gambling. Sparo’s Vote4Good will be administered by Sparo Foundation, a non-profit affiliate of Sparo. All donations to Vote4Good will be tax-deductible. Vote4Good payments via credit card will be done through the payment processing company Stripe.

Sparo Foundation is a public charity recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as exempt from tax under IRC section 501(c)(3). Vote4Good is a project of Sparo Foundation with an intent to assist other nonprofits with revenue generation. There is no intent to engage in any political campaign activities or endorse or promote any particular political party or candidate. All activities are only for the purpose of providing support for public charities. Participants are free to designate the charity of their choice and the candidate of their choice. Such designations in no way relate back to, and are not influenced by, Sparo Foundation.

How it Works

Sparo offers a series of ways for donors to the Sparo Foundation to determine the charities the Sparo Foundation will distribute funds.  Individuals and company donate to the Sparo Foundation.  Individuals are then invited to participate in democratized philanthropy by helping select the charities to receive grants from the Sparo Foundation.

The charity balloting process is provided by the Sparo Foundation through balloting (voting) or other fun and creative ways to involve the participant in the democratized giving process.  These are methods for the Sparo Foundation to receive public input for the distribution of funds to peoples’ favorite charities.  At no time are these raffles, contests, games, or sweepstakes benefitting the participants.

Donors to the Sparo Foundation can participate in a balloting effort (a campaign) that determines where a group of donations will be directed.

The Available Charities: The charity that is selected by the participant must be a registered U.S. 501(c)3 organization vetted and approved in the methods as defined by the Sparo Corporation or the Sparo Foundation.  The public may recommend other charities or causes by submitting the recommendation via the contact us page.

Selection of Charity Winners: The “winning” charity is determined as that which receive the most votes or other winner determination based upon the style of the campaign.  The number of charities receiving these funds is based upon the donation pool associated with each individual campaign.

Donation RangeMember of Benefiting (“Winning”) Charities
Up to $1K1
$1,001 to $5,0002
$5,000 to $100,0003
$100,001 to $500,0004
$500,001 +5

State Registrations and Filings: The Sparo Foundation complies with all Federal and State rules and regulations pertaining to charitable fundraising. 

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