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We Are The People

Democratized philanthropy in action.

Player Directed Giving

Player Directed Giving

Vote4Good® is a fun and entertaining way for the public to experience the joy of making a big difference.

Politics is about public service. By playing Vote4Good, YOU too can become a public servant and make an impact in this world. We also launched Sparo’s Vote4Good because we realized that the top 12% of charities in the U.S. take in 86% of all donations. It was time to level the playing field by democratizing the world of charitable giving by allowing non-profits that do great work but have limited resources to win BIG.
Giving helps others

Delivering Measurable Impact

Play games or give to your favorite cause or charity and enter the Sparo Charity Sweepstakes. It’s capitalism with a conscience!

Charity Madness

Sparo’s Charity Madness Game ran in conjunction with the 2019 NCAA March Madness. Charities were associated with each team in the brackets as entered by site visitors. The 7,700 visitors to the campaign resulted in donations of:

Game of Charities

Sparo’s 2019 Game of Charities was a spin on Game of Thrones to predict who would gain the Iron Throne. The Game of Charities led to the winner selecting Build DC.ORG. Sparo contributed $1,923 to Build DC.

Sparo’s Charity Sweepstakes

The 2019 Sparo Charity Sweepstakes was initiated at the recommendation of Network For Good as an MVP. The first-place winner of Sparo’s patented charity sweepstakes was Save a Child’s Heart with a donation of $20,375 and the second-place winner was the Maryland Food Bank with $17,600. Omid Foundation came in third with $2,500

Our Charity Game Partners

Our partners are essential to our success. These are among a growing list of organizations that are working with Sparo to develop solutions for charitable giving.

“Sparo’s new platform will allow us to obtain new donors that support our mission. On the plus side, we have a great relationship with them, they understand our needs and they believe in our mission.”
Nancy Smith
Maryland Food Bank
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